Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Behind the scenes...

When I woke up today, I immediately grabbed my camera, laptop, and bottle cap necklaces.  It's a rare 55 degrees outside (and by rare, I mean it really doesn't happen this time of year in this part of PA).  I knew it was the perfect time to do a little outdoor photography.  And I knew I had to do it quick because we were predicted to have storms hit around noon.  It was a bit windy out so I had to tape my fabric down.  I ran around the yard for a bit finding a few nice rocks and got to work.  
behind the scenes of my setup
 I was down to the last twelve necklaces when I noticed the wind picking up, a few raindrops and the clouds rolling in.  I got the laptop inside and went back out to hopefully finish up those last few photos.  I kept looking over my shoulder at the sky, just hoping that it held off for just a little bit longer.  

look at those clouds just rolling in
 As soon as I took that last photo, I dashed inside with all of my setup.  I even took the rocks with me because I just loved the way they looked while taking the photos.  I just really hope they look that nice in the photos when I download them.  Not even ten minutes after I ran inside, the storm really let loose!  The weathermen were a bit off on the timeline as it was only 11AM.  Here's one last photo for you of what I saw outside.  The photo really doesn't do the storm justice though!
torrential downpour!  Those trees in the back really aren't that far away.

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